Don’t Let Them Die



Two images of the Busy Bee supermarket in Andersonstown in August, 1981.

There are two galleries, at left and in centre. In the lower (later) image, the central gallery has 12 portraits – McDonnell, Doherty, Hurson, Lynch, McElwee (all with crosses, below, indicating death), Devine, Quinn (no days – he stopped his fast on July 31st), McKeown, McGeown, Devlin, McCloskey, Sheehan. The length of Sheehan’s strike is given as 8 days (in the lower image), which would mean that the (lower) image was taken on August 17th, 1981, the day Jackie McMullen joined the strike. The upper image was taken some time after McCloskey joined on August 3rd but before Sheehan joined on the 10th.

“Give them their 5 demands”, fist smashing H, “support the POWs”, “Ireland unfree shall never be at peace”, tricolour, starry plough, “Support the hunger strikers”.

Andersonstown Road, Belfast

M00020 M00021

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