In Loving Memory


Rising behind a set of crosses, it’s not clear whether the sunburst in the mural above is only religious in nature or also symbolises the Fianna. It rises between the Starry Plough and the Tricolour. To the left is a list of the deceased hunger-strikers — Roll of honour: Volunteers B. Sands MP, F. Hughes, R. McCreesh, P. O’Hara, J. McDonnell, M. Hurson, K. Lynch, K. Doherty TD, T. McElwee, M. Devine.” — and to the right, a poem: The Volunteer: I stood beside an Irish grave/A green and silent plot/A little cross marked RIP/Was all that marked the spot.

unknown street (Berwick Rd?), Belfast


Copyright © 1981 LC


One thought on “In Loving Memory

  1. PETER MOLONEY 2016-05-24 / 9:11 am


    I am convinced that this is on Berwick Rd on the corner with Alliance Av.

    Best regards.



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