Westland Street, 1981



The previous street-level graffiti on Westland Street, Derry — for which see 1973’s PIRA Provos — is shown here being repainted with a series of three panels: a tricolour and starry plough, hands in chains, and H-block.

M00187, M00186

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M00162 Rossville St 1981+

More panels from Rossville Street, Derry, this time showing volunteers firing over a phoenix, a lark in barbed wire, a volunteer kneeling by a fire and a tricolour on a flagpole, and an armalite rifle with the words “A weapon of the provisionals”.

Rossville Street, Derry

M00164, M00162. For the rest of this wall (out of shot on the right, see Murdered By Paratroopers and Eire Nua.

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Eire Nua



INLA and IRA murals on Rossville Street, Derry, including a volunteer waving the Starry Plough, a celtic cross draped in the Irish tricolour and a Starry Plough, the island of Ireland in green, white, and orange, a phoenix, Pearse & Connolly, Thatcher-headed Britain biting/pulling on Ireland – “Get the Brits out!”, and the RPG as “IRA weapon of resistance”.

M00163, M00161. For the first part of the wall (out of shot on the left, see Resistance and Murdered By Paratroopers).

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Bobby Jackson Mural (2)


King Billy at the Battle Of The Boyne in 1690 and the Relief Of Derry in 1689. This is the “original” mural in its second location (scare-quotes around “original” because the mural was touched up annually).

This (second) location is still in The Fountain (as was the original location), but there is some confusion about the exact location in relation to the original location – they might be very close together. Please get in touch if you can describe this location in relation to the first.

For 1975 images of the mural in its first location, see Bobby Jackson Mural. And for an overall history, see The Jackson Murals.

M00065, M00064

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In Honour


In the first two of these three images from (somewhere on) the Andersonstown Road, nine hunger-strikers are named — Bobby Sands M.P., Joe McDonnell, Francis Hughes, Kevin Lynch, Kieran Doherty T.D., Ray McCreesh, Martin Hurson, Patsy O’Hara, and Tom McElwee — while in the third, Michael Devine’s name has been added and the bottom of the wall painted black. “Smash H-Block” is on the right; “Victory to the prisoners” is on the building on the other side of the road.




M00158, M00160, M00159

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Sasanach Amach


“English Out”: Britain in the form of a riot policeman batoning a bloodied Ireland was (and remains) the symbol of the Troops Out Movement, an British pro-(Irish-)Nationalist organisation founded in 1973. The image of Britain in riot gear beating Ireland with a truncheon first appeared in the Irish Citizen newspaper and was designed by Jack Clafferty (Red Mole). A poster version is below.

“Sasanach” is one English person, whereas the sentiment is presumably that they [Sasanaigh] should all leave. But that doesn’t rhyme so well.

Andersonstown Road (where exactly?), Belfast

M00156 [M00157]

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