I Refuse To Change

M00150 Westland St 1982+

M00151 Westland St 1982+

On the main gable wall, a funeral volley of three volunteers fires over the coffin of Bobby Sands, with the beginning of a quote from Sands: “I refuse to change to sui[t people who oppress, torture and imprison me. They have suppressed my body and attacked my dignity, but I have the spirit of freedom that cannot be quenched by even the most horrendous treatment.]”

On the side wall, a prisoner is crucified, with the words “St Peter, let these men enter heaven, for they have served their time in hell.” – a variation on James Donahue’s WWII Soldier’s Poem (WP).

Westland Street, Derry

M00150 M00151

Copyright © 1982 Peter Moloney

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