1916-1982/Break Thatcher’s Back



Here is a 1982 image of the Break Thatcher’s Back mural in Rockmore Road, Belfast, showing a blanket man with outstretched arms demanding “status now”, framed by a large “H” and surrounded by barbed wire, Tricolours, and the Starry Plough. In 1981, there was a Sean O’Casey quote on the left, rather than a lily and the year of the Easter Rising — 1916.

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They Demand These Rights

M00195 Central Dr 1982+

M00196 Central Dr 1982+

The ten hunger strikers and the five demands, on either side of a phoenix with Sunburst and Tricolour:

“Bobby Sands; Francis Hughes; Raymond McCreesh; Patsy O’Hara; Joe McDonnell; Martin Hurson; Kevin Lynch; Kieran Dohery; Thomas McElwee; Michael Devine”

“No prison uniform; no prison work; free associaiton; letters, parcels, visits; full remission: as prisoners of war they demand these rights”

Central Drive, Derry

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