Roll Of Honour

M00174 Rossville St 1982+

Cú Chulainn, with shield, is strapped upright to a rock in order to fight to the very end, next to a roll of honour of Derry Brigade IRA volunteers.  Rossville Street, Derry

Vol Thomas McCool 1970
Vol Thomas Carlin 1970
Vol Joseph Coyle 1970
Vol Eamonn Lafferty 1971
Vol James O’Hagan 1970
Fian Gerry Donaghy 1972
Vol Colm Keenan 1972
Vol Eugene McGillan 1972
Vol John Starrs 1972
Vol Seamus Bradley 1972
Vol Michael Quigley 1972
Vol John Brady 1972
Vol James Carr 1972
Vol James McDaid 1972
Vol Joe Walker 1973
Vol Gerard Craig 1973
Vol David Russell 1974
Vol Michael Meenan 1974
Vol John McDaid 1974
Vol Ethel Lynch 1974
Vol Brian Coyle 1976
Vol Denis Heaney 1978
Vol Patrick [Duffy 1978]
Vol George [McBrearty 1981]
Vol Charles [Maguire 1981]


Copyright © 1982 Peter Moloney

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