Stoop Down Low Party


SDLP or Social Democratic and Labour Party. A comment on Slugger O’Toole says, “Stoop Down Low Party was first painted in the Bogside in 1984 by the original Bogside Artist Jim Collins, after the SDLP refused to back a motion by the Irish Independence Party to have the name of Derry reinstated as the proper and official name of the city.”
A WP page on the dispute over the name of the City Council (rather than the name of the city; the name of the airport was also changed, in 1994) gives the following: “At the time of the 1984 name change, members of the majority SDLP group on the city council declared that it was not seeking to change the name of the city as it had no intention of “petitioning an English queen to change the name of our Irish city”. The party preferred to leave the renaming of the city “for another day”. The IIP obtained legal advice that the change of the district’s name also affected the city and no petition was necessary. Unionist councillors protested at the name change by boycotting the council.” Rossville Street, Derry


Copyright © 1984 Peter Moloney (CCDL gives 1983 as the year for the various “Derry not Londonderry” graffitis)

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