An Phoblacht


Here – badly damaged – is the first mural in Sevastopol Street, Belfast, showing workers reading the paper against the background of an edition of the paper commemorating the Easter Rising. “Official organ of the Republican Movement: Contents include War News, Features, IRA Statement, Prison News from Ireland & England, News from throughout the 32 Counties, Solidarity News from Abroad.” The emblem of the United Irishmen – a maid of Erin harp with the words “Equality – It is new strung and shall be heard” – is in the top left.

“Painted by Beechmount & Iveagh Sinn Féin Youth.”


Copyright © 1985 Peter Moloney

Women In Armed Struggle


“Solidarity between women in armed struggle” across the world: female members of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), Cumann na mBan, and the Southwest African People’s Organisation (from Namibia) drawn within the symbol for woman (also the planet Venus in astrology). The mural (or perhaps the wall) was “Improved by Sinn Féin Youth” and on the side-wall: “Cowardly loyalists backout”. Falls Road, Belfast


Copyright © 1985 Peter Moloney