Mise Éire


A dolmen, standing stones, designs from Newgrange, an illustration from a celtic manuscript, and the warrior Cú Chulainn surround Padraig Pearse’s poem Mise Éire
“Mise Éire, sine mé ná an cailleach béara,
Mór mo glóire, mé a rug Cú Culainn cróga.
Mór mo náire, mo clann féin a dhíol a mátair.
[Mór mo phian, bithnaimhde do mo shíorchiapadh.
Mór mo bhrón, d’éag an dream inar cuireas dóchas.]
Mise Éire, uaigní mé ná an chailleac béarra.”

Or, in English:
“I am Ireland: I am older than the Hag of Beara.
Great my glory, I who bore brave Cúchulainn.
Great my shame, my own children that sold their mother.
[Great my pain, my irreconcilable enemy who harrasses me continually.
Great my sorrow, that crowd, in whom I placed my trust, decayed.]
I am Ireland, I am lonelier than the Hag of Beara.”

The wide shots below show both Chamberlain Street murals, Mise Éire and the Firing Party mural featured previously.

M00263 M02516 M00261

Copyright © 1985 Peter Moloney





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