Divis Flats







Four images from Divis Flats, Belfast, in 1985.  First and second, the two murals in the middle of the complex, both from 1981, one to INLA volunteers Matt McLarnon (killed in action on 12 May, 1981) and Danny Loughran (killed by the OIRA on 5 April, 1975) and the other (on the left) a street scene from yesteryear, part of the City Council’s Community Services programme from 1977 to 1981 (see chapter 2 of Bill Rolston’s Politics & Painting). Third, “Touts beware”. Fourth, “Stop the strip searches” on the top of the flats (to the right of faded “Divis Flats supports the hunger strikers”).

M00301 M00302 M00383 M00303 M00304 M00382 [X05804]

Copyright © 1985 Peter Moloney

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