Loyalist Graffiti


Here are a number of loyalist graffiti from London-/Derry, with slogans such as “UVF”, “UDA”, “UFF”, “Taigs out” and “NF” (National Front) with swastika, as well as “Londonderry Not Derry” (perhaps in response to the various ‘Derry not Londonderry’ pieces in republican areas (see Derry Not Londonderry, It’s Derry Not Londonderry, Do You Live In Londonderry?Stoop Down Low Party, and Vote SDLP For A Better Londonderry), and “For God and Ulster MYM” (“MYM” = “? Young Militants”?). The fourth image (which is from London Street) shows a contested wall, sporting both loyalist and republican (“Provos rule Derry/Doire”) phrases. There is also “FZTR” – Fountain Zulu Tartan rules.









London Street, Kennedy Place, Hawkin Street, London-/Derry

M00355 M00354  M00356 M00357 M00358 M00359 M00360 M02263 M00321

Copyright © 1985 Peter Moloney

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