Three Songs To The One Burden


The ten deceased hunger strikers are named, called “H-Block Martyrs”, and their entry into heaven requested: “St. Peter let these men into heaven, for they have served their time in hell” (for info, see I Refuse To Change) alongside a christian cross.

The lower part of the gate is the last stanza of a Yeats poem, Three Songs To The One Burden: “Some had no thought of vi[c]tory but had gone out to die, that Ireland mind be greater, her heart mount up on high; and yet who knows what[‘]s to come[?]”

This is a repainted and greatly changed version of Remember The Hunger Strikers in Westland Street, Derry.


Copyright © 1986 Peter Moloney

Vote Sinn Féin 1 2 3 4


“Vote Sinn Féin 1 2 3 4” and “Tiocfaidh ár lá!” have been painted on top of a 1981 mural based on a poster sent by the Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini, which featured the head of Bobby Sands against a backdrop of skeletal bodies, one of which can still be seen in the top middle of the wall. Somewhat ironically, the original mural also included the quote to the right: “The Irish Republican Army is right: The British government does not listen to the ballot box in Ireland and the only thing they will listen to in Ireland is what they listened to in other colonies: agitation, rebellion, and armed forces”, making this an ‘evolution of our revolution‘ mural. (An image of the original mural can be found on p. 79 of Bill Rolston’s Painting and Politics.)

Oakman Street, Belfast


Copyright © 1986 Peter Moloney