Rossville Murals


A wide shot of the 14 panels along the bottom of Rossville flats, Derry, in 1986.

  1. Roll Of Honour
  2. They May Kill The Revolutionary
    (no separate image; below is a close-up from the image above; there’s an image of the mural at CCDL; and here’s a version in Belfast)
  3. Phoenix-Volley
  4. Lark
  5. Resistance
  6. A Weapon Of The Provisionals
  7. Murdered By Paratroopers
  8. INLA
  9. Celtic Cross
  10. Ireland
  11. Eire Nua Phoenix
  12. Pearse & Connolly
  13. Get The Brits Out
  14. Weapon Of Resistance


Copyright © 1986 Peter Moloney

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