King William III


King William III, July 1690, crossing the Boyne on his white steed. Percy Place, Belfast.


Copyright © 1988 Peter Moloney

Low Profile/Union Jack Crumbling




Two pieces by Republican News cartoonist “Cormac” (Brian Moore) are reproduced in Springhill Avenue, Belfast by Mo Chara, one about the unavailability of the paper in a left-leaning London bookshop (because “violence is only acceptable if it doesn’t happen here”), the other showing the Union flag crumbling and the Starry Plough rising from its ashes.

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Copyright © 1988 Peter Moloney

The Felons


From inside the Felons Club in Andersonstown, Belfast: a version of Walter Paget’s Birth Of The Irish Republic above the famous quote from Pearse’s O’Donovan Rossa oration – “The fools, the fools, they have left us our fenian dead, and while Ireland holds these graves, Ireland unfree shall never be at peace” — along with portraits of hunger strikers.

For a history of the club in its previous locations, see this Danny Morrison remembrance.


Copyright © 1988 Peter Moloney