How Is Freedom Measured?


The bottom half of this mural in Redcliffe Parade, Belfast, shows UVF volunteers “then and now” (“Ulster 1914” during WWI and in contemporary times). On either side of that are (Protestant) women, on the left exhorting men to fight in WWI and on the right defending the homestead (i.e. the Protestant territories) against the threat of Irish nationalism while the men (and perhaps British support) are absent: “How is freedom measured? By the effort which it costs to retain it” and “Deserted! Well, I can stand alone.”

The upper portion shows a rare (though not unique) version of the red hand of Ulster, giving a “V for victory” salute (and so we can see nails on three digits) and dancing in boots on an Irish Tricolour which lies between an Ulster Banner and a Union flag.


© 1989 Alan Gallery, All rights reserved

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