Sans Peur


On the left a mural in progress  with the flowers of the home nations (shamrock, daffodil, rose, thistle) replacing The Pope Says No. On the right, the UDA/UFF/LPA/LDF Sans Peur mural seen previously in 1988 and 1989. Kennedy Place and Hawkin Street, London-/Derry.


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney

Bobby Sands


A smiling Bobby Sands on the side of the Sinn Féin offices on the Falls Road, (also the west Belfast office of An Phoblacht), with his famous statement that “Everyone, republican or otherwise, has his [here: “his/her”] own [particular] part to play” (and the lark with its “spirit of freedom“). This version was painted by Mo Chara in 1989, and an image of Sands has been on the wall continuously since then. Sevastopol Street, Belfast.


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney