Free Ireland



Manacles “Made in Britain” constrain the republican desire for a united Ireland, contrary to the burning GPO and rising phoenix. The close-up image shows the plaque to local (A Company 2nd Battalion) IRA volunteers: Stan Carberry, Frankie Dodds, Paul Fox, Sean Bailey, Paul Marlowe, Tony Campbell. Painted by Mo Chara in Beechmount Avenue. “Fuair siad bás ar son na hÉireann”, “Ireland unfree will never be at peace”.

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Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney

United We Stand, Divided We Fall


The Siege and Relief of Derry are portrayed in two panels painted by J[?] Thompson, and the names of the thirteen Apprentice boys who closed the gates to the city are given in the middle: Campsie, Crookshanks, Morison, Steward, Irwin, Sherrard, Harvy, Cairns, Sherrard, Cunningham, Conninghman, Hunt, Spike. To the left and right are shields of brethren around the world: England, America, Australia, Quebec, and Éire. Sandy Row, Belfast


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney