To The End


Lines from Bobby Sands’s poem Rhythm Of Time, alongside portraits of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers and a lark in barbed wire. “There’s an inner thing in every man/Do you know this thing my friend?/It has withstood the blows of a million years/And will do so to the end.” Fountain Street, Strabane.


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney



“Freedom: For freedom you fasted & died/For the five rights you were denied/For the evil we know to blame/For England shrouded in shame/For the deaths of young Irish lives/For the oath of a country that cried/For the murder of a lark in the sky.” This poem seems to be unique in Irish muraling – if you know anything about it, please leave a comment. The sword with wings appears to be the insignia of the SAS, but its presence in this is inexplicable; the harp might be taking a poke at it. Fountain Street, Strabane.


Copyright © 1990 Peter Moloney

West Tyrone Roll Of Honour



This is an entirely repainted and expanded mural listing the West Tyrone Roll Of Honour. The portrait of Bobby Sands that was originally included in Everyone, Republican Or Otherwise is gone, leaving only the quote from Sands (as shown in the second image). In his place on the right is a volunteer in a hat with a tricoloured band; on the left, the firing party of the previous mural is replaced by a volunteer with AK-47. The names in the roll of honour remain the same though they have been rewritten in a greater space.

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