Organised Opposistion


Fianna recruitment board in Central Drive, Derry: “Whilst Ireland or any of her is occupied or governed by a foreign body then the only attitude of Irish youth should be one of organized opposistion. Na Fianna Eireann – education disciplined revolutionary youth movement.” For a similar board in colour (also in Central Drive), see Educated Disciplined.


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Use Arms When Arms Are Needed





Four in a row in Springhill Park, Strabane. (1) The ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers are shown on an H, but they have all had their eyes covered in blue paint. (2) You can kill the revolutionary but not the revolution (seen previously in Innisfree Gardens and also in 1981 in Rockdale St, Belfast and in Derry in 1981.) (3) Use arms when arms are needed. (4) A “West Tyrone command” roll of honour.

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Armed Resistance







Five in a row in Springhill Park, Strabane (with a badly damaged sixth out of shot to the left). Fianna and óglaigh in front of Sunburst and Tricolour flags; a kneeling volunteer with RPG launched “Armed resistance 1916-1987”; a lark ferrying a rifle; a raised fist; “unity is strength”.

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Vol. Joe Doherty


This 1990 image of the Vol. Joe Doherty mural on the New Lodge Road (by Mo Chara and “New Lodge Republican Youth”), Belfast includes the message on the side-wall comparing the revolution in Ireland to the revolution in the United States: “Would the US Att. General Edwin Meese have deported George Washington? Don’t handover Joe Doherty to British warlords!”


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