Wide shot showing the low wall between the two “Ulster’s defenders” murals: “Our message to the Irish is simple: Hands off Ulster; Irish out; The Ulster conflict is about nationality”, and “We will maintain our faith and our nationality” above images of the Bible. Newtownards Road, Belfast.


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Defender Of Ulster From Irish Attacks


Cú Chulainn – the “ancient defender of Ulster from Irish attacks over 2000 years ago” with Ulster banner shield – is made a precursor of the UDA’s East Belfast Brigade – “Ulsters present day defenders”. The volunteer is – unusually – unmasked. Newtownards Road, Belfast.


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Who Will Defend Ulster Now?


In 1992 the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) – which itself replaced the B Specials in 1970 – was amalgamated with the Royal Irish Rangers to become the Royal Irish Regiment. Although seven battalions of the new RIR were permanently based in Northern Ireland, the mural above describes the two organisations as “Ulster’s Past Defenders” and asks “Who will defend Ulster now?”

Newtownards Road, Belfast


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