Defender Of Ulster From Irish Attacks


Cú Chulainn – the “ancient defender of Ulster from Irish attacks over 2000 years ago” with Ulster banner shield – is made a precursor of the UDA’s East Belfast Brigade – “Ulsters present day defenders”. The volunteer is – unusually – unmasked; it might be Ian Adamson (a civilian, but here given paramilitary gear) the UUP politician and proponent of the hypothesis that north-east Ulster was settled by settlers from Scotland – the Cruthin – who were at war with the Irish Gaels and that the Táin describes part of this conflict, with Cú Chulainn the hero of Ulster single-handedly holding off the invaders from Connaught (WP).

Newtownards Road, Belfast.

This is the third gable on the so-called “Freedom Corner” (though it is not clear that it bore this name at the time of this image); here is the second gable (which in turn links to the first). There was a fourth gable but we do not appear to have a picture of its first painting.


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