Send The Rich Away


“My [republican prisoner] son will pull rulers down from their thrones, inspire the poor, feed the hungry, and send the rich away – Luke 1”. An army helicopter flying in a starry plough sky shines down its light on the three wise men of the European Economic Community (EEC), Catholic church, and Sky broadcasting. Lecky Road, Derry


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The Day Innocence Died



Portraits of the 14 Bloody Sunday victims on small boards in Westland Street, Derry. From Bloody Sunday Memorial, their names were Patrick J. Doherty (aged 31 years), Gerard V. Donaghey (17), John F. Duddy (17), Hugh P. Gilmour (17), Michael G. Kelly (17), Michael M. McDaid (20), Kevin G. McElhinney (17), Bernard McGuigan (41), James G. McKinney (27), William N. Nash (19), James J. Wray (22), John P. Young (17), and John Johnston (59).

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A Crown Of Life


Controversial DUP and later independent politician and preacher George Seawright served as city councillor and NI Assembly member from 1981 to 1986, when he was jailed for his role in physically attacking NI Secretary of State Tom King. He was “murdered by the enemies of Ulster [the IPLO] Nov 1987” . “Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of life – Revelation 2 v10”

Percy Place, Belfast


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12 deceased hunger strikers are named on either side of a celtic cross in tricoloured panels, with a stylised bird flying in front. Two masked volunteers stand to attention. Whiterock Road, Belfast. Bobby Sands Francis Hughes Patsy O’Hara Ray McCreesh Joe McDonnell Martin Hurson Kevin Lynch Kieran Doherty Tom McIlwee [McElwee] Michael Devine Michael Gaughan Frank Stagg


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