End British Collusion

A pair of hands with shirt-cuffs of the Union flag and Ulster Banner jointly point a pistol at a republican mother carrying a cross through a graveyard and field of bullets. A line of documents show the forces of the state (B-Specials, UDR, RUC) colluding with loyalist paramilitaries. Oakman Street, Belfast.


Copyright © 1994 Peter Moloney

Slán Abhaile

Five images of a “Slán Abhaile” mural, with British soldiers trooping back towards London, being painted on the back of Free Derry Corner, on Lecky Road, Derry. The piece is by Robert Ballagh, taking a famous photograph of British forces in the Falklands marching (“yomping”) towards Port Stanley and placing it in a circle (to suggest a closing eye, perhaps) below tricoloured party balloons. For the original photograph, see the IWM.

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The Petrol Bomber

The Petrol Bomber was the first mural painted by the Bogside Artists (Kevin Hasson, Tom Kelly, and the recently deceased William Kelly). It shows 13 year-old Paddy Coyle (Derry Journal) with a Molotov cocktail and wearing a gas mask (used to protect rioters against CS gas). The Rossville flats are in the background of the mural (though not of Clive Limpkin’s original photo, included below from this gallery of Limpkin’s images of Derry 1969-1972). Lecky Road, Derry

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