British Money

Graffiti in Rossville Street, Derry: “Up the people’s army”, “Perry your a cop”, “RUC short all Roman C”, “RUC = UVF – get the same money – British money”, and (from before) “Paddy Lvs Charles“.


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700 Irish Political Hostages




A combination fist-dove smashes a line of barbed wire: “700 Irish political hostages – Release them now”. The names on the side wall: Martina Anderson, Martin Brogan, Danny Doyle, Martin O’Neill, Seamus Doherty, Adrian Kelly, Paul Kinsella, Ray McCartney, Gerry Hamilton, Paddy Villa, Jim Doherty, Don Brown, Pat McLaughlin, John Donnelly, Roy McCool, Phil Nolan, John McDevitt, Eddie McKeever

Westland Street, Derry

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Copyright © 1994 Peter Moloney