End Collusion/Peace Initiative

Banners and boards above the Sinn Féin/Siopa na hEalaine on the Falls Road, Belfast: “End Collusion” (with the same shirt-cuffs as in End British Collusion), “Support the Hume/Adams peace initiative (see also Hume-Adams in Derry), 25 Years – Time For Peace – Time To Go (also in Dunville Road and in Derry)


Copyright © 1994 Peter Moloney

25 Years Of Resistance

The main image – of women banging bin lids at the approach of British Army soldiers – is complete and the “25 years: time for peace, time to go” stencil is being added at the bottom. Still to come, the title at the top: “Falls/Clonard – 25 years of resistance”. The top third of this mural is still visible today (2017) in Dunville Street, Belfast.

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Copyright © 1994 Peter Moloney