1 Out All Out

Two pieces of republican graffiti from the Falls Road, Belfast: “1 out, all out” and “Free Irish POW now”. The “1” is paratrooper Lee Clegg, who was freed on July 3rd, 1995, after four years of a life sentence for killing a joyrider on the Glen Road. Falls Road, Belfast.

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Copyright © 1995 Peter Moloney

Fag Ár Sraideanna

Mural on Whiterock Road, Belfast, bidding “Slán Abhaile” to a British soldier standing on Whiterock Road (with Who Fears To Speak Of Easter Week? in the background). To the left and right, four demands from during the (first) ceasefire: “End collusion, Release POWs, Disband RIR RUC, End Unionist veto”. The second image shows “Free Catalonia” graffiti on the pavement wall.

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Copyright © 1995 Peter Moloney