Bloody Sunday

The third mural by the Bogside Artists (after The Petrol Bomber and Bernadette) is “Bloody Sunday” (painted with Sean Loughrey), painted for the 25th anniversary of Bloody Sunday. It reproduces a famous photograph by Gilles Peress, of local priest Edward Daly waving a blood-stained handkerchief in advance of four men carrying the body of Jackie Duddy. The left-most figure has been changed into a British paratrooper, and he is trampling on a “civil rights” banner similar to one used to cover a body. In the background is an image from earlier in the day, of the civil rights march from Creggan to the Bogside. Rossville Street, Derry


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Free Our Prisoners

“In memory of our freedom fighters who fought and died for Ulster. It was not for glory they fought nor honour or riches but freedom alone which no good man should lose but with his life.” A three-panel UFF mural in Linfield Road. A scroll with four emblems (UDA, UYM, UFF and Ulster banner); flags of the UDA and Scotland with manacled red fists and an outline of Northern Ireland superimposed with the Ulster banner, between emblems of the LPA and another prisoners’ organisation; a kneeling volunteer from A battalion, south Belfast’s Sandy Row.

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We Determine The Guilty, We Decide The Punishment

Eddie the trooper rampages through London-/Derry, killing a Jacobite soldiers in the foreground and, in the background, leaving Free Derry Corner and The Petrol Bomber shrouded in smoke. Painted by Attitude Artists. For more on the overhead quotation, see  The Trooper. For other Eddie murals, see Eddie Lives.

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