The End Of All Traitors

Robert Lundy, governor of Londonderry during James’s campaign, declared that all was lost and intended to surrender the city to the enemy. His effigy is displayed each year during commemoration of the siege. Bishop Street, Derry,

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Mural of international solidarity between Catalonia (llibertat), Ireland (saoirse), the Basque country, Palestine, and Mexico. Skulls from Kenya, India, Ireland, Cambodia hang on the left. Painted by Féile Artists along with Victor Ochoa (WP), featuring Steve Biko, Che, Maire Drumm, Mairéad Farrell, Miram Daly (whose son Donal worked on this mural), Nelson Mandela, Leila Khaled, and Leonard Peltier. The aboriginal flag is on the chimney breast and the pots are painted in the four colours of man.

Falls Road, Belfast


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Bua Nó Bás

Three boards on the Falls Road, Belfast. The first pays homage to Óglaigh na hÉireann (IRA) by mixing ornate knotwork and Celtic imagery of a dolmen and warrior with sword with a volley of pistol and rifle; the second is a list of “local republican POWs”, almost identical to the list in Beechmount POWs (for a list of names see, 1995 Disband RUC); the third links the revolutionaries of 1916 with the armed struggle “1916-1997”.


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Ireland – Catalonia

“Not Spain, not France. Free Catalonia. Since 1714 the Catalan nation is military [sic] occupied for the Spanish and French states. Catalonia has their own culture, language, and history. Our country have [sic] more than 1000 years of history as a nation. The Catalan flag is the first European flag. Our fight flag is the “Estalada”. The white star means the freedom, and the blue triangle stands for the sky of humanity. Free Catalonia! United Ireland! El nostre dia arribarà! Tiócfaidh [sic] ár lá. 11/8/97″ Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.


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