Bloody Sunday Commemoration

The fourth mural by the Bogside Artists shows the faces of the fourteen people who died on or as a result of Bloody Sunday, January 30th, 1972, shot by the “gun-happy louts” (as described by the Belfast UDA; Vanguard also called for their removal – see the entry for Robert McKinnie in Lost Lives) of the 1st Parachute Regiment; 15 more people were injured.

By row, the victims portrayed are:
Michael McDaid, John Young, Paddy Doherty
John Johnston (d. June 16th), Hugh Gilmour, Gerry Donaghy, Barney McGuigan
Gerry McKinney, William Nash, Kevin McElhinney, Jackie Duddy
Jim Wray, Michael Kelly, William McKinney

The portraits are presented within a circle of oak leaves – symbol of Derry – one for each person.

Westland Street, Derry


Copyright © 1999 Peter Moloney

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