REM 1690

In 1690, William III defeated James II at the Battle Of The Boyne, securing Ireland for England. And in legend, Ulster was won in a race by an O’Neill tossing his severed hand ahead of his competitor. Similar battle is needed to preserve Northern Ireland, the mural suggests. “Quis separabit” is the motto of the UDA, and “Terrae filius” (“Son of the land”) is the motto of the Ulster Young Militants, its youth branch. Lord Street, Belfast.


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Show No Mercy And Expect None

Iron Maiden’s Eddie The Trooper becomes a South East Antrim UDA/UFF gunman, striding over the graves of “G. Adams”, “A. Maskey”, and “McGuinness”.

For more information on Eddie see The Trooper. For a full list of Eddie murals, see Eddie Lives.

Castlemara Drive, Carrickfergus


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INLA Roll Of Honour

Six INLA volunteers are remembered on a memorial stone in the City Cemetery, Derry. The other memorial is to the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers (“They were ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances whose steadfast resolve, discipline, and unity of purpose prevailed”) and five local “comrades and friends”.

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