Deceased Republican Prisoners

These Bombay Street plaques are “in loving memory of the deceased republican prisoners from the greater Clonard area.” In later years, an additional plaque would be added to the left of 1921-1922 prisoners.

Bombay Street, Belfast

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Never Again

In August, 1969, families, mostly Catholic, were driven out and their homes burned in Bombay Street (and surrounding streets), between the Falls and Shankill. RTÉ news report CultureNI on a Red Barn Gallery exhibition of photographs. The defenselessness of the community then is reflected in the urging for “No decommission” in the present. Fian Gerard McAuley (aged 15) was shot in nearby Waterville Street.

Bombay Street, Belfast.

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Sean Downes

“Sean [aka John] Downes, age 22, murdered at this location by the RUC on the 12/8/84. Victim of state violence.” Downes was hit at close range by a plastic bullet outside Connolly House on the Andersonstown Road, Belfast during an attempt by police to arrest NORAID‘s Martin Galvin. Reserve Constable Nigel Hegarty was charged with manslaughter but was cleared.


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Leana An Dúin Unbowed Unbroken

The dying Cú Chulainn (as portrayed in bronze by Oliver Sheppard, in a statue installed in the GPO in 1935) is used as a symbol for the locals from Lenadoon area of west Belfast who fought for freedom (“saoirse”): Tony Henderson, John Finucane, Brendan O’Callaghan, Joe McDonnell, Laura Crawford, Mairéad Farrell, Patricia Black, Bridie O’Neill (subsequently changed to Bridie Quinn).


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They May Kill The Revolutionary

“They may kill the revolutionary but not the revolution.” The imagery of the open-throated volunteers goes back to a 1981 poster. The 11 portraits are perhaps those of the people listed on the roll of honour at Constance Markievicz House, a short distance away: Martin Skillen, Gerard Fennell, Sean McDermott, Paul Best, Pearse Jordan, Terence O’Neill, John Dempsey, Martin Forsythe, Tom Magill, Sean Savage. Kevin McCracken. Norglen Parade, Belfast.

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