Rooney – McCabe

The Troubles started in Belfast in August 1969 with sustained rioting around Divis flats. On the night of August 14-15, nine year-old Patrick Rooney was hit in his home in the Divis flats by a bullet from an RUC machine-gun; he was the first child killed in the Troubles. A little later, 20 year-old Hugh McCabe, a (Catholic) British soldier on leave, was hit while dragging an injured person to safety on the roof of another flat (WP).

Divis Street, Belfast


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Ban Plastic Bullets

The long wall on Divis Street, Belfast, was originally largely covered by a to-scale stencil, called ‘Ban Plastic Bullets‘, detailing the distances at which the victims of plastic bullets were shot. The addition of Spot The Difference and West Belfast Taxis Tours in 2003 meant that only about half of it remained. These two are the right-hand side of the remaining mural.

M02003 M02004

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PSNI – Patten Still Not Implemented

The commission into policing led by Conservative MP Chris Patten produced its report in September 1999 and various of its recommendations were enacted into law. (The full report or the summary of recommendations are available at CAIN.) The board above alleges that the only  change was the name – the name originally suggested was “Northern Ireland Police Service”, but “PSNI” was thought a better initialism – while both forces continue to use plastic bullets. The officer on the right has six digits on his right hand. Divis Street, Belfast.


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Palestine Day

August 6th, 2003, was “Palestine day/Lá na bPalíneach” on the Falls Road in Belfast, involving “a panel of Irish and Palestinian women; a live video link-up with Palestinian women in Bethlehem; showing of the films “Caoimhe”, “The Return”; and “Jenin”; a photo exhibit entitled “55 Years of Endurance”; and a television show “West Belfast Talks Back””. (UNISPAL)


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