Restore Political Status

“We remain what we are – political prisoners of war.” The words of 1981 hunger striker Bobby Sands are used in support of contemporary (2003) republican prisoners. Long Kesh is on the left, Maghaberry is on the right. Iniscarn Drive, Derry.


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Thig Leo An Réabhlóideach A Mharú

Three INLA volunteers are commemorated on this Rossville Street, Derry, plaque. 18 year-old Colm McNutt was shot by an undercover SAS officer during a botched hijacking, tipped off by best friend and informer Raymond Gilmour (Irish News). A drunken Phelan was shot by an off-duty NYPD officer in New York, nine years after leaving the country (LA Times | NY Times). McShane was run over and crushed by a British APC during riots against the treatment of Catholics during the Drumcree standoff (RN). “Thig leo an réabhlóideach a mharú, ach ní thig leo an réabhlóid a mharú choíche.” (They can kill the revolutionary …)

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Killed In Annie’s Bar

December 2017 saw the 45th anniversary of the attack by loyalist gunmen on Annie’s Bar in the Top Of The Hill area of the Waterside (Derry Journal). Four Catholics and a Protestant were killed. “In memory of Charles Moore, Frank McCarron, Michael McGinley, Bernard Kelly, Charles McCafferty who were killed in Annie’s Bar on the 20th December 1972.” Strabane Old Road, Derry


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