This is a 2004 image of the North’s longest-lasting mural. It was painted in 1981 and survives to the present day. It was painted before the custom took hold of putting flags on pikes in order to include the 1798 rebellion. Anne St/Glenanne, Derry. Seen previously in 1982.


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The emblem of the new Police Service of Northern Ireland, is mounted outside the station in Strand Road, Londonderry. In the middle is a St Patrick’s Saltire, around the six-pointed star (clockwise from the top) are a scales of justice, a harp, a torch (for enlightenment), an olive branch, a shamrock, and a crown.


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One World, One Struggle

The mural in support of East Timor begins to show its wear (originally painted in 2000), not least because the hoarding for Duffy’s bookmakers has come off. The falling bombs are made by Raytheon, who will be back in the forefront of Derry consciousness in 2006 for their part in the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. Market Street, Derry

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