The Folk Come Home

“At the closest point, only 13 miles of water separate the coasts of Ulster and Scotland. From the earliest times to the present day there has been a constant flow of people and ideas between the two coasts. Geography and history have combined to link the peoples of Scotland and Ulster closely together. Indeed, some people have viewed Ulster as an extension of Scotland. With equal logic, Scotland might be viewed as an extension of Ulster. The most important migration across the North Channel was the early 17th century Plantation of Ulster. It has proved to be one of the most politically significant mass migrations to have taken place in western Europe since medieval times but it also should be viewed as part of a well established pattern of population movement between Ulster and Scotland.” Second panel in the Thorndyke Street, Belfast, series. The “Lord Protector of the Commonwealth” is Oliver Cromwell, who put down Irish rebellion (and allied Royalists) in 1650. With emblems of Albertbridge Accordion Band and Ballybeen Young Loyalists.

M02299 M03636 M03635 [X00020]

Copyright © 2005, 2007 Peter Moloney

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