Better The Grave Than Slavery

“How is freedom measured? By the effort which it costs to retain freedom!” (See also How Is Freedom Measured? and Deserted! Well – I Can Stand Alone) “Union is strength”. “There were three Home Rule crises: 1885-6, 1892-3 and 1912-14. During these periods the unionist population of Ireland opposed strongly the threat that their country may no longer be part of the United Kingdom, becoming a country in it’s own right. Unionists then as now wanted to remain British. Ulster Unionists believed that Home Rule was not the best interests of nationalist Ireland but if that was what nationalist Ireland wanted, ultimately, and albeit reluctantly, they were prepared to waive their opposition to Home Rule, subject only to the proviso that Ulster should not be subject to Dublin rule. Unionist opposition to Dublin Rule is depicted in this mural, illustrating the price they were prepared to pay for their freedom.”

According to this BBC page, the mural is rather a postcard from WWI, showing a woman exhorting Ulstermen to sign up for service in the British forces.

Fifth panel on Thorndyke Street, Belfast. With the emblem of the East Belfast Regimental Band.

M02302 M03631 [X00010 X00011]

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