Defending The Community

“In the early 1970’s the Provisional IRA (PIRA) flexed it’s muscles to demonstrate that the Official IRA were no longer the representatives of the republican community. Unfortunately for the Unionist population they were on the receiving end as PIRA launched sectarian bomb and gun attacks across Northern Ireland but in particular Belfast. Many innocent Protestants were murdered simply because of their religion, others were injured and many burnt out of their homes. The community was in turmoil and felt that there was no one to defend it. It was then that they (the communities) decided to take matters into their own hands and organise themselves into groups capable of defending their home and businesses from these violent and horrific sectarian attack. It was during this period of crises and community tension that the Ulster Defence Association was founded and the ranks of the Ulster Volunteer Force increased significantly. They became the defenders of the community, as they were the community.” Thorndyke Street, Belfast

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Copyright © 2005 Peter Moloney

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