Unity – Solidarity

“On the 1st January 1974 the power sharing Executive took office in Stormont Building following extensive negotiations at Sunningdale between most of the main parties and the governments. Included in the agreement was a Council for Ireland. The failure of the Irish government to honour it’s commitments to the agreement including combating terrorism and the SDLP ministers strongly conveyed the impression that they were the agents of a foreign state. These actions or lack of them eroded the support for the agreement in Unionism to such an extent that in a General Election anti – agreement Unionists won 11 of the 12 Westminster seats. Unionist thinking was that the majority of people was ‘If Westminster is not prepared to restore democracy, i.e. the will of the people made clear in an election, then the only way it can be restored is by a coup d’etat.’ A strike organised by the Ulster Workers Council began on the 14th May 1974. 14 days later with the Unionist people showing tremendous unity the strike was ended with the Executive prorogued.” 10th panel on Thorndyke Street, Belfast. With emblems of the East Belfast Protestant Boys flute band and the Ballymacarrett Defenders flute band.

M02308 M03628 [X00031] [X00032]

Copyright © 2005 Peter Moloney

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