Our Grip Is Tight

“It’s not for glory or riches that we fight but for our people. Ulster’s destiny is in our hands; our grip is tight; we’ll never let go.” A Red Hand Commando volunteer kneels in a garland of poppies. Tower Street, Belfast.


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Short Strand Roll Of Honour

“I ndíl chuihmne ar óglaigh chomplacht B an triú cathlan briogáid Bhéal Feirste Óglaigh na hÉireann a fuair bás ar son saoirse na hÉireann and all others who died as a result of British occupation of our country.” Roll of honour for IRA volunteers (up to 1978) in and from east Belfast, beginning with Charlie Monaghan/Monahan who died in 1916 the day before the Rising and who would get a mural in 2006 (and another in the Markets in 2017), as would Sean Martin who died in 1940.

Beechfield Street, Belfast.

M02361 M02360

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“Tabhair onóir doigh suíd a fuair bás ar son na hÉireann” [corrupted Irish with the general meaning “Honor … who died for Ireland”]. “Never will they label our liberation struggle as criminal! – Bobby Sands Fri. 6th March 1981”. Another Éire mural was previously further down the wall on Mountpottinger Road, Belfast.


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100 Years Of Women’s Work

“Women of substance – plúr na mban. The changing role of women the in Market area.” A century of women’s work, from cooking, child-care, and hand-wringing the washing in 1904 to using computers, reading books, and graduating from university in 2004. The pink symbol in the corner is the emblem of the New Belfast Community Arts Initiative.

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