Robert Blair (Paddy) Mayne

Blair Mayne (1916-1955) was a WWII commando and one of the first members of the SAS (Special Air Service), participating in raids behind enemy lines in Egypt and Libya, and later, as SAS commander, in France, Belgium and other countries. His many decorations include the DSO (four times) and French Croix De Guerre and Legion D’Honneur. There is a mural (and a statue) to Mayne in his home town of Newtownards. The verse on the right is from Sassoon’s Suicide In The Trenches. “You smug-faced crowd[s] with kindling eye/Who cheer when soldier lads march by,/Sneak home and pray you’ll never know/The hell where youth and laughter go.” Newtownards Road, Belfast.

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We Are The Pilgrims, Master

“We are the pilgrims, master – we shall go always a little further” is a line from James Elroy Flecker’s verse poem Hassan and is inscribed on the clock tower of the the Hereford barracks of the SAS (WP). It is used here by “East Belfast Ulster Volunteer Force – The People’s Army”. Tamar Street, Belfast.

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Ulster Freedom Fighters

The orange lily makes a rare appearance in a paramilitary mural. The hooded gunmen are from the UFF/UDA. Volunteer Stephen “Benson” Kingsberry is remembered in the panel towards the back of the house. He died from consuming tainted ecstasy (perhaps distributed by the UVF). He was included in the roll of honour in Lemberg Street. Kilburn Street, Belfast.


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