Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell, Lieutenant General, Lord Protector of the Protestant faith, born 1599, died 1658. “Catholicism is more than a religion, it is a political power. Therefore I’m led to believe there will be no peace in Ireland until the Catholic church is crushed.” “Our clergy persecuted and our Protestant churches desecrated. Also our Protestant people slaughtered in their thousands.”

Shankill Parade, Belfast

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Ulster Defence Union

2000 mural placing Ulster Freedom Fighters/Ulster Defence Association (UFF/UDA) in historical context of the Ulster Defence Union. The motto of the organisation was “Quis separabit” (which is the same as the UDA’s). The Union faded away in the 1910s, but the name was revived by the UDA in 2007 (NewsLetter). The manifesto was launched on St Patrick’s day 1893, in response to the 2nd Home Rule bill. Membership was closed on June 1st, by which time 170,000 people had signed up (Bygone Days).

A side wall would later be added along with other small changes made during a repaint: “UFF member” would be moved below the gunman and “Est.” on both sides would become “Formed” – see X00284.

Hopewell Crescent, Belfast.


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William Bucky McCullough

“In loving memory of all our fallen comrades from A Coy, B Coy, C Coy, 2nd Batt UFF West Belfast Brigade. Murdered by the enemies of Ulster.” UDA Lieutenant-Colonel McCullough was killed by the INLA on October 16th, 1981, outside his home in Denmark Street (out of frame to the right), on information supplied by fellow UDA member James Craig, who feared that McCullough would expose his embezzling of UDA funds. Hopewell Crescent, Belfast.


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Shankill Rd Supports Drumcree

“We demand the right to march.” “Portadown District LOL No 1” “Here we stand, we can do no other.” This mural in the lower Shankill is about the disputed Orange Order parade (WP entry, including a map of the route) to Drumcree Church (in Portadown, shown in the mural) part of which goes along the Catholic Garvaghy Road.

N Boundary Street, Belfast


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They Paid The Ultimate Sacrifice

“This plaque is dedicated to the memory of Lt. Col. Trevor King, died 9th July 1994, Major Wm. (Frenchie) Marchant, died 28th April 1987, Davy Hamilton, Died 17th June 1994. These brave men died near this spot [the corner of Spier’s Place and Shankill Road, Belfast] by the enemies of Ulster. No sacrifice is too great for one’s country. They paid the ultimate sacrifice. ‘They shall grow not old/as we that are left grow old/Age shall not weary them nor the years condemn/At the going down of the sun and in the morning/We will remember them.'” King and Hamilton (along with Colin Craig, an RUC informer and not included on the plaque) were shot by the INLA and died of their wounds three weeks and one day later. Frenchie Marchant was shot by the IRA outside The Eagle chip shop. The plaque is surrounded by a garland of three nation’s flowers: shamrock, rose, and thistle.

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