Kieran ‘Header’ Nugent

Kieran Nugent was 18 when he went “on the blanket” in the H-Blocks (see The First Blanketman). He reportedly told his mother, “The only way I’ll wear a prison uniform is if they nail it to my back.” Divis Street, Belfast.


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Fáilte Go Dtí Bóthar Na bhFal

“Failte go dtí Bothar na bhFal” [Welcome to Falls Road]. From left to right (images top to bottom): Balor, Fomorian enemy of the Tuatha and other mythological characters; Celtic FC (not shown); more heroes perhaps including Nuada; stag with harp player; swans/Children Of Lír; water sprite (not shown; see X00752); Janus/cross/dolmen/fáilte; and (facing the previous murals) swan with signatures (not shown); a dolmen.

Ross Cottages, Belfast.


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Suicide Strategy

A ‘suicide strategy’ for “N of Ireland” languishes in the dustbin of 10 Downing Street, unlike strategies for Scotland, England, and Wales. The mural is produced by “Beechmount Community Youth Project”. To the right are messages to the recently deceased: “In one 2 week period 13 young men in north Belfast took their own lives”, “In one three month period 15 suicides in west Belfast occurred”. Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.

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Lower Falls Memorial Garden

Additional plaques (along the side wall) have been added to the Lower Falls Memorial Garden (Falls Road, Belfast) – the first is of D Company members up to 1969, the second is of volunteers from the 1970s, the third is to civilians.

The final two images are close-ups of the main monument, seen previously (from a distance) in 2001.

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Relatives For Justice

A plaque and info board are added alongside the updated Nora McCabe/plastic bullet mural in Islandbawn Street, Belfast: “This mural is dedicated to Norah McCabe and all the victims murdered by rubber & plastic bullets used by the RUC & British Army. Sponsored by the Troops Out Movement & was unveiled on behalf of Relatives For Justice by Mary Pearson 11/09/05.” “Tá an múr-ealain seo tíomnaithe do Norah McCabe agus do no hiobartaigh uilig maraithe agus gortiathe le piléir rubair agus plaisteacha ag an RUC agus ag Arm na Breataine. Tá an múr-ealain seo urraithe ag Troops Out Movement agus nochtadh é thar cheann Relatives For Justice ag Mary Pearson ar 11/09/05.”

(2001 with original plaque | 2003 without original plaque)

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Fian Neil McCrory

“I ndíl cuimhne ar Neil McCrory a fuair bás an triú lá de Shámhain 1976 i laimhe dilseoirí [at the hands of loyalists]. Dedicated to the memory of Fian Neil McCrory murdered 3rd November 1976. Scouts of Na Fianna a band o’er the nation/May every home greet you with joy and delight/May God give you strength for to love him and Ireland/And when the day comes gives you courage to fight.” Beechmount Avenue, Belfast.


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