Free Seán Kelly

“Interned 05.” Seán Kelly, one of the bombers of Frizzell’s fish shop in 1993, was released under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement but returned to jail in June 2005 by NI Secretary Peter Hain. He would be released a month later.

Falls Road (probably Beechview Park), Belfast.


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The First Blanketman

IRA volunteer Kieran (here Ciarán) Nugent spent nine months in Long Kesh as a Special Category prisoner in 1975. When he was arrested again in 1976 and sent to the H Blocks, the status no longer existed and he could no longer wear his own clothes. He refused to wear a prison uniform and spent his first night naked. On the next day he was given a blanket and so became the first blanket man. Rockville Street, Belfast.

M02550 [M02551]

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Doyle – McParland – Carson

This is a Whiterock Road, Belfast, mural to three IRA volunteers and six other local activists. Clockwise from bottom left: Annie Adams, Rosaleen Russell, Liam Mulholland, Billy Carson (also shown kneeling; killed by the UDA in 1979), Liam McParland (also standing, right; leader of the (pre-split) IRA in Ballymurphy, died in a car crash on 6 November 1969), Sean Doyle (also standing, left; perhaps from 1944 despite the assault rifle), Frankie Toner, Kathleen Moore, Gerry Campbell. There are Christmas lights in the centre of the wall.


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The Rossport 5

“St James community demands the release of the Rossport 5 – boycott Shell’. The Rossport Five were Willie Corduff, brothers Philip and Vincent McGrath, Micheál Ó Seighin, and James Philbin. They were imprisoned in June 2005 for demonstrating contempt of court by interfering with work by Shell on their land in Rossport, Co Mayo. The served 94 days before being released. The ‘green ribbon’, in the top corners, was used in previous years to denote republican prisoners.

Rockmount Street, Belfast


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Pray For Us And Erin

“Dedicated to Vols Bobby McCrudden, Mundo O’Rawe, Pearse Jordan. In passing this mural pause a little while, pray for us and erin, then smile.” Ballymurphy mural to three local PIRA volunteers. O’Rawe’s pose (in the centre) perhaps owes something to the poster for the 1996 film Michael Collins. The plaque reads “I ndíl chuímhne Oglach Edward ‘Mundo’ O’Rawe, Oglach Robert McCrudden, Oglach Pearse Jordan Who gave their lives for Ireland’s freedom.”

Divismore Crescent, Belfast


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