Ulster Is Not For Sale

“When our forefathers fought and died, they led the way that we should go, as loyalists united we should stand, to send our message across the land, that all our enemies would know, Ulster is not for sale nor will we let it go. No surrender.” Auglish Court, Londonderry.


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Glorious On The Graves Of Heroes

“In proud memory of our fallen comrades from the Nelson Drive Flute Band. Glorious on the graves of heroes, kindly upon all those who have suffered for the cause. Thus will shine the dawn. They gave their tomorrow for our today.” “In loving memory of David Swanson, Geoffrey Freeman, Aubrey Reid, Mark Dodds, killed on active service 2nd October 1975. Lest we forget. Ulster Volunteer Force.” The four volunteers died when the car bomb they were carrying exploded prematurely.

Sperrin Park, Londonderry

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Copyright © 2005 Peter Moloney