They Gave Their Tomorrow For Our Today

Information about the people named in this mural is patchy.

UVF volunteer Noel Kinner was imprisoned for the killing of Brendan McLaughlin in 1980 (; he died of a heart attack on 4th November, 1996, two years after his release; there is a ballad describing his life (youtube).

Thomas “Tombo” Kinner was a YCV volunteer of the same unit: platoon 5, A company, 1st battalion.

Volunteer Noel Shaw is described by Sutton as dying in a UVF feud.

Most/All of the people mentioned were members of the Sons Of Ulster flute band (Fb).

“When you go home/Tell them of us/And say for your tomorrow/We gave our today.” is a WWII epitaph by John Maxwell Edmonds in Kohima Cemetery.

Conway Walk, Belfast.

M02703 M02704

Copyright © 2006 Peter Moloney

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