Gibson – Kearney – McCracken

“In loving memory of Gerard Gibson, died 11-7-1972 [aged 16 years, OIRA], Michael Kearney, died 18-2-1987 [aged 21 years, IRA], Kevin McCracken, died 14-3-1988 [aged 31 years, IRA, shot in Norglen Crescent]. A thug a mbeatha de chrógacht ar son saoirse na hÉireann [who bravely gave their lives for Irish freedom] Always remembered by the neighbours and friends of Lower Norglen Parade.”


Copyright © 2006 Peter Moloney

The Hunger Strike Era

A lark (or perhaps a dove) bursts through the ceiling of a H-Block cell lined with the names of the ten deceased 1981 hunger strikers. “This mural is dedicated to all those who tragically died on the streets of Derry during the hunger strike era. Suimhneas Dé dá nanamacha. 3rd October 2006.”

M03350 [M03348] [M03349] M03347

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Breaking New Ground

A famous photo from the Battle Of The Bogside (included below) shows Bernadette Devlin breaking a piece of pavement. The board above – possibly of two independent halves – has her bringing down the pavement on the issues faced by women in Derry, such as water rates, lone parents, breast cancer support, and smoking cessation.

“Bogside & Brandywell Women’s Group – Breaking new ground – Féile 06”


Copyright © 2006 Peter Moloney