Cloughfern Young Conquerors

The version of Eddie The Trooper in Cloughfern carries an assault rifle and a Cloughfern Young Conquerors (flute band) flag, founded in 1973 – the same year as the UFF – and “still undefeated”. He wears plaid/tartan trousers – perhaps a reference to Rathcoole Kill All Irish or other tartan gang. (Eddie has his own Visual History page.)

On the crosses are written the names of bands from the Rathcoole area (that no longer exist) “G. Blair Mem” [George Blair Memorial Flute Band – a UVF band], “WPB” [Whiteabbey Protestant Boys], “Sons Of KAI“, “Dam Busters” [Dam Busters Flute Band  Newtownabbey], and “EAV” [East Antrim Volunteers – a UVF band]. (Thanks to Joe K for the information about the bands.)

“RUC?” might refer to the shifting attitudes towards the police service (PSNI).


Copyright © 2006 Peter Moloney


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