Catalonia 300

“Catalonia & Ireland – Soirse • Llibertat”. Centralised Spanish rule dates back to the Nueva Planta decrees (WP) made by Philip V (shown upside-down in the first zero) between 1707 and 1716. These formed a single Spanish nation and citizenry and ended various regional identities including Catalonian. Fahan Street, Derry.


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Murder In Mind

A small tribute to the Bloody Sunday dead: portraits of fifteen victims with two verses of a song “Murder In Mind”: “They came to our town, the Paras, with murder in mind//As people marched down from Creggan/Towards the Guildhall for civil rights/It was a cold but sunny day/No one could image what was in front of them that sunny day.//The Paras stood in William Street/Laughing and chatting and raring to go/To murder for king and crown/And for Ted Heath 10 Downing Street”. (Also seen in 2002.)

The memorial pillar dates back to 1974.

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Picasso painted Guernica to protest the Nazi bombing of the Basque capital of Gernika (at the request of Franco’s forces) on April 26, 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, which resulted in hundreds of deaths. Its reproduction in Derry in 2007 was to protest the Iraq war; it is entitled Iraqnica (Derry Journal).

Guernica was also painted on the International Wall in Belfast.


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Women At Work/Catalonia 300

These two boards are on the fence outside the Pilot’s Row Centre in Rossville Street. The first is a Bogside & Brandywell Women’s Group compilation of women in various occupations (plus Bernadette Devlin breaking up pavement); the second shows support for Catalonia: “300 years of occupation, 300 years of resistance”.

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The Battle Of The Somme 1916

Soldier from the 36th (Ulster) Division go over the top at the battle of the Somme – the original photograph is included below. In faded/running letters on the right, “At the going down of the sun/And in the morning/We will remember them.”

The UDA mural on the left of the youth club is to Sgt Lindsay Mooney.

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