South Belfast UDA A Battalion


The UDA memorial garden is just off Sandy Row, near the John McMichael Centre. One board (shown last) reproduces a mural (see 2005 M02408) from nearby Rowland Way, which was itself a repaint of an earlier (see 1995 M01183 and 2001 M01518) mural, though updated to note the “distinguished service” of Samuel Curry. The same thirteen names also appear on the “roll of honour” plaque in the garden. The South Belfast UDA/UFF commander John McMichael was killed by an IRA car bomb in 1987. In addition to organising a team of assassins in the 70s and 80s, he founded a Political Research Group and wrote two documents proposing an independent Northern Ireland. Joe Bratty was killed, along with “Raymie” Elder, by the IRA in 1994 (WP). City Way, Belfast.

M04172 [M04176] [M04177] M04173 M04174 M04175 M04754

Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney

Copyright © 2009 Peter Moloney

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