Stop The Sell-Off

The Andersonstown RUC barracks at the junction of the Glen and Falls roads was demolished in early 2005. Plans to develop the site with residential housing involving private company Carvill were opposed by locals, who launched the ‘Stop The Sell-Off’ campaign, aimed in particular at then-minister for Social Development (DSD) Margaret Ritchie of the SDLP. By October, Carvill had withdrawn their plans.

Brendan McNamee was shot by the PIRA after he defected to the INLA. Miriam Daly was shot by the UDA (or SAS). There is a plaque to the pair on the Andersonstown Road.

“Belfast IRSP. Brendan McNamee and Miriam Daly – murdered by British agents”; “DSD – Stop the spin”; “Public land for public use”; “Dear Santa, please get Minister [Margeret] Ritchie to give us back our land. Signed, West Belfast Residents”; “Justice for Harry [Holland] – No bail for his killers”; “Stop the sell-off campaign”; “Cuir deireadh leis an díoladh”.

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Copyright © 2008 Peter Moloney

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